Wordpress mysql application in k8s Cluster using Ansible

Mar 22, 2021


## Task Description:
πŸ”… Launch ec2-instances on AWS Cloud eg. for master and slave.
πŸ”… Create roles that will configure master node and slave node seperately.
πŸ”… Launch a wordpress and mysql database connected to it in the respectine slaves.
πŸ”… Expose the wordpress pod and client able hit the wordpress ip with its respective port.”

Part I: Create the roles that will configure the master and slave node respectively
Refer this repo for complete configuration of kubernetes cluster on AWS(https://github.com/Rutuja210/k8s-multinode-cluster.git)

Part II: Create the role for launching wordpress and mysql database
Download this role in your roles directory.


Part III: Create Ansible playbook (yaml) file
Copy [this yaml](./main_setup.yml) file in your working directory and run it by the command
ansible-playbook main_setup.yml

Github link